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What Makes A Teacher A Good Insurance Agent?

As a teacher, you have several qualities that will help you become a good agent. For example, good communication skills, patience, understanding, perseverance will only add value to your business.

Key Areas Teachers Life Insurance Corporation of India Agent
Good Listening Skills         Agents must be able to listen for the financial goals a prospect wants to achieve. Agents listen to clients and assess their learning style, which helps agents make informed recommendations.
Good Presentation Skills     Agents are always presenting information, either one on one or in a seminar situation much like a classroom.
Making Complicated Topics Simple     Whether it's helping a client define their financial goals or appreciate the differences between annuities, agents, like teachers, know how to break down information into bite-size pieces, making it easy to understand and move forward.
Developing Relationships     Like teachers, agents are experts at fielding questions and developing relationships that are based on trust, sometimes creating a connection that has a lifetime impact.
Organising   Class is in session every time an agent sits in an interview with a prospect or a client. Agents educate them and show them the positive impact helping them achieve financial security can have on their lives.
Discipline     Agents, like teachers or coaches possess the discipline to enjoy the freedom the career offers. Agents have the discipline to get things done in a timely manner.
Emotional Connection     Satisfaction - It's not just skills that make it easy to transition from teaching to becoming a financial professional. Many teachers find their new career provides the same feelings of satisfaction they got from the classroom, by helping people reach a better place in their lives.
Coaching     An insurance agent is like a coach, supporting people to achieve their goals, with goal setting, encouragement and answering questions.
Team Building     Good coaches know which members to trust in a team just the way an agent identifies and works with other financial advisors.
Flexibility     Agents have the freedom and flexibility to set their own schedules, working around their family's schedule.
Compensation     As a financial professional, you are paid in direct proportion to your efforts. A career as an insurance agent has unlimited earning potential. Agents are compensated based strictly on their efforts and the results they achieve.