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Myths And Facts

Myth 1: An insurance agent's job is a door-to-door sales job.

Fact: As an advisor, you would have to make prior appointments for meeting people. You would help them bridge the gap between where they are financially and where they want to be. You would be helping people and as you develop long term relationships with your customers, you will become a part of their family.


Myth 2: I have never sold anything in my life so I cannot become an agent.

Fact: Most of our agents had never sold anything in their lives before. In our business, we help people make a decision. Our training plays a major role in teaching you how to succeed. With L.I.C., you will be in the business of helping people achieve peace of mind while reaching their financial goals.



Myth 3: Only candidates with a finance background can do well in this business.

Fact: A lot of our successful agent advisors are from non-finance professions who have never sold anything in their life before, but they have achieved high levels of success with us. The professional training given to our agents at L.I.C. is unbeatable in the industry. Our training consists of on-the-job counselling, class room instruction and one-on-one coaching and so is suited for candidates from any background.


 Myth 4: There are so many insurance agents in the life insurance industry already. A new entrant stands no chance.

Fact: You will be glad to know that the Indian life insurance industry is growing at a very high rate. Life insurance industry is far from getting saturated. There is a huge untapped market waiting for someone to explore and reap profits.



Myth 5: There is no career path for an agent in the long term.

Fact: At L.I.C., there is no shortage of opportunities for achievers. You can build a team of agents under you and earn attractive incentives on business sourced by them too. You can run an office of your own just like your own business.



Myth 6: There is no support for an agent when he/she joins the organisation.

Fact: Your D.O./C.L.I.A. will be with you at every step. There are several dedicated training facilities at L.I.C. offices where you will be answered for your queries. You are in this business for yourself but not by yourself. We are your partners all the way!



Myth 7: Being an agent and advisor is all about high sales targets.

Fact: At L.I.C., you are your own boss. No one but you can decide your own targets. It all depends on how much you want to earn. We don't hire someone till we are sure of his success and commitment to this business.



Myth 8: Insurance is sold without keeping the customer in mind.

Fact: As an agent and advisor with L.I.C., you follow a methodical pattern when you approach customers. The insurance solution is suggested only after analysing the needs and aspirations of the customer.



Myth 9: Customers have a stronger belief in other investments.

Fact: It would be wrong to compare life insurance with any other investment as the objectives of life insurance and that of other investment products like mutual funds, post office and bank deposits is different. Our Agency Development Manager and trainers ensure that you understand the same in depth and thus help your customer plan right for their financial security.