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About LIC Updates

All guaranteed return plans will be withdrawn w.e.f 1st February 2020 and rest of the plans will be modified as per new guidelines issued by IRDAI effective 01st February 2020.

Life Insurance Corporation of India (L.I.C.) Updates

Some Very Interesting Statistics of The Corporation (Provisional Data)


 Total Premium Income =Rs 240, 000 Crs


 Investment Income = Rs 145, 000 Crs


 Total Income of The Corporation =
Rs 385, 000 Crs (Highest todate - Growth of approx 18% over LY 2012-2013)


 Total Surplus Generated = Rs 26300 Crs (approx Growth 17%)


 Total Payouts to Policyholders = Rs 165, 000 Crs (Highest todate)


 Advance Tax Paid = Rs 5108.92 Crs (LY 4221.99 Crs)


 Service Tax Paid = Rs 4022 Crs (LY 3682 Crs)


 ULIP Portfolio (as at 31.03.2014) = Rs 117, 878 Crs


 Approx ULIP Surrender in LY = Rs 33000 Crs


 NET ULIP Surrender = Rs 13000 Crs

(as portfolio swelled by Rs 20000 Crs thanks to Market surge)


 50 out of 51 LIC ULIP Funds Outperformed CRISIL Benchmarks


 6 LIC ULIP Funds make it to TOP 25 BEST PERFORMING ULIP Funds with
Market Plus 1 (Growth), Future Plus (Growth) & Child Fortune (Growth)

            LIC occupying TOP 3 Positions !

 Average Approx yield on LIC Investment in LY 9.42%


 Equity Profit in LY = Rs 21257 Crs


 Fresh Equity Investment LY = Rs 53000 Crs


 Total MDRT 2014 Qualifiers = 8357 with 7127 Registered (Highest Globally)


 Total No of Claims Settled = Rs 2, 49, 00, 000 (Best & Highest Ever Throughout The Globe)


 Total 31 Awards on Various Counts won by LIC in LY (Highest by Any institution todate)


"Proud to be a LICian"